Mental Health Screening Test -English

Stress, Burnout, and Screening Assessment for Counseling

Please choose the answer which most describe you.

Have you had these symptoms almost everyday during these 2 weeks?

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1.Have you had these symptoms almost everyday during these 2 weeks? Have negative thoughts about work or things around you. *
2.Feel anxious or worry about things that you cannot control or do not happen yet. *
3.Have repetitive thoughts. *
4.Feel worthless. *
5.Start thinking about quitting a job. *
6.Irritate or get angry easily. *
7.Feel sad or gloomy. *
8.Feel bored or lose interest in doing activities even they used to be your favorite activities. *
9.Lose concentration at work, be absent-minded, or reluctant to make even small decisions. *
10.cry with no reason. *
11.Start having health issues e.g. headache, stomachache, queasiness, vomit, dizziness, muscle pain, rash, or more pimples. *
12.Feel exhausted, fatigued, lose enery, or do not want to fight as usual. *
13.Eat more or less than usual until your weight changes obviously. *
14.Have a sleeping problem; insomnia, wake up at night, have nightmare several nights, feel exhausted after long sleep, or take too long sleep. *
15.Drink alcohol more often or start addicting to alcohol. *
16.Spend more on stuffs. *
17.Addict to game, series, or social network. *
18.Seperate yourself from others or want to be alone rather than being with others. *
19.Illness of family members or close friends are affecting your emotions or mood. *
20.Your family member is getting mental problems and you do not know how to handle. *
21.Your personal issue is affecting your work performance or concentration. *
22.Have a thought of self-harm or suicide. *
23.Have a thougth of harming others. *
24.Lose yourself or lose temper for a short while. *
25.Feel overwhelmed or cannot find the way out. *

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