Employee Mental Health Survey

Please answer each question that applies to you and your current work situation for the past 2 weeks as honestly as possible. The more honest your answer is, the more accurate the results, regarding your stress level and mental health, will be.

*The assessment results will be most accurate if you answer based on your first thought without taking too much time to think about each question, and answer all of the questions at once.


Objective of the Assessment

The objective is to assess the level of stress, causes of stress, burnout tendency, psychological well-being, including work performance of corporate employees, which iSTRONG and the company will analyze “the overall picture” from the gathered data, and use it to find the causes and further develop mental health services for corporate employees. Rest assured that iSTRONG will not disclose the individual assessment results to the company.

“You will get the results immediately or fill in your email in order to get the results via email as well.

*Confidentiality of Personal Information

Your personal information and the assessment results will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed anywhere throughout “the entire duration of the project”. All of the information will be disposed right after the project has completely ended. The assessment results will only be analyzed to get an overall trend of all the corporate employees who have taken the assessment. As for your individual assessment results, it will only be sent to your personal email and will not be forwarded to anywhere else.

Assessment Details and Results

This assessment will take you no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete, which there are 124 questions in total. Please answer all the questions.

You will receive the assessment results regarding your stress level, burnout, causes of work stress, and overall mental health, which will appear on the next page after you click ‘Get your results’. The results will also be sent to your personal email that you’ve provided.

***Each person can do the assessment 1 time only. iSTRONG reserves the right to not consider any duplicate assessment results of those who have submitted many times.

iSTRONG Mental Health would like to thank you for taking the time to complete this assessment and for taking part in providing information that can be used to further develop mental health services for corporate employees.

We wish you good health, both mentally and physically.

iSTRONG Mental Health team

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